Secret Weapon for a Strong Core: A Foam Roller

A strong core is useful–for things like arm balances and inversions, protecting and preserving a healthy spine, and, OK, you got me, looking svelte in your fall wardrobe. A foam roller, found in most gyms, is a simple piece of equipment with many functions, including killer core work. Here’s one of my favorite exercises.

The key is to pull your abdomen back toward your spine the whole time and go slowly. Balance will be challenging at first, but as your core strength improves, you’ll become more steady. And being strong and centered is a great thing to practice anywhere, with or without a foam roller.

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  • Anonymous

    Rebecca – while not relevant to this particular post, I thought you might enjoy the below article anyway. Working in the field of psychology research, I think it’s always nice to find scientific evidence for the ideas that many yogis live by, particularly since so many others continue to dismiss or even judge the more philosophical aspects of yoga practice.

    Additionally, I wonder if you are familiar with the artist Priscilla Ahn? Her song “Dream” is just lovely and reminds me of your classes at ISY. :)