Spring Into Shape

Happy spring, om guys and gals!  Tis the season of possibility and promise (and baseball!). Flowers bloom; the days are longer and brighter; winter hats and scarves go into hibernation, and people in the northeast come out of theirs.  While training for the marathon and picking up snowboarding made this winter go by more swiftly than years past, I am still more than ready to kiss Jack Frost good-bye.  

Like any calendar shift, the arrival of spring is an ideal opportunity to assess, re-evaluate, and re-focus our wellness goals.  Whether it’s to lose weight, start training for an athletic event, pick up a new sport, or stress less about the hapless economy, there’s no better time to start than the present- particularly when the present contains more daylight hours.
To that end, I thought you might enjoy the following audio clip from a radio appearance that I did on Boston’s Talk Radio Station, WRKO, with host Mariellen Burns.  Since it was recorded just before New Year’s, it has plenty of tips to help you set a healthy intention and put it into action.  If nothing else, listen for the opportunity to hear us get reamed out by “Bill from Hamilton.”  Who knew Om Gal was so controversial?        
Click here to download.
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