Spring, Skin-Baring Stress Solved

Warmer weather signals the necessity to rotate our winter wardrobes and break out the lighter layers. For some, it also brings varying levels of anxiety, typically originating from perceived pallor and/or flabbiness and the shock that can come with new fashion trends. Admit it, you initially cringed when skinny jeans and tulip-bottomed skirts appeared in your favorite stores a few short seasons ago.

First, pallor can be addressed overnight. Proceed to your local pharmacy or cosmetic counter and pick up a moisturizer that contains a bronzing agent, like Jergen’s natural glow. Slather it on before bed. Pesky nightmares of shorts and swimsuits should dissolve within days.

Second, listen to me, here; this is important: YOU ARE NOT FLABBY. Even if you feel less toned than you would like to be, no good comes out of you looking shamefully upon your body. Drive less; walk more. Pepper your workout with some sensible weight-lifting. Throw in a few sets of push ups or sit ups on the sly during TV commercial breaks. Make warrior pose your new best friend.

Finally, wear clothes that make you feel good. Choose colors and shapes that flatter your body. Discard last season’s trendy clingers-on, and focus on the beauty of the season rather than the breadth of your wardrobe.

Bonus: Need a simple, waist-whittling abdominal exercise to get started?
-Sit on the floor, knees bent, feet flat, arms reaching straight overhead. Lift your feet off the ground and lean back slightly. Start to pedal your legs, as if riding a recumbent bicycle. Pedal for one minute; change directions; repeat.

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