This Isn’t Bikini Weather

From where I write (Boston), it’s not bikini weather. Actually, it feels like October, and it may stay this way for a few days, which means any seasonal fears arising at the thought of wearing swimsuits, sporting short shorts, or standing shoulder to bare shoulder against the “tyranny of sleeveless dresses” (a la this Boston Globe piece) are safely contained and clothed for now….

But not for long. The sun will shine, again, friends, and we should be ready. We should be thrilled! We should not waste one more second of these precious almost-summer days fretting and freaking out about how we look wearing less. Inspired by my post, 12 Tips for Beating Bikini Panic, I shared some insight on Fox News last week for checking yourself before you wreck your beach-going, poolside-chilling self.


Before I go, I must confess: when producers called me the afternoon before, they prefaced the on-camera request with, “You better be bikini-ready, girl…We need you TOMORROW!” I thought they wanted me on LIVE TV in a bikini, and, yes…there was panic. It’s only human.

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