Weekend Bliss

York Beach

York Beach, Maine

“It’s about following your bliss, losing it, and finding it again.” -Natalie Chapman

Last weekend, I went surfing for the first time (in the freezing waters of Maine).  This week, I found the above quote, and I think the two go nicely together.  Which isn’t to say that I found my bliss as a 30-something rookie surf prodigy or even one who could stop shivering long enough to stand up on the board, but trying something new and a little scary felt good.  Fun, exciting, and exhilarating: yes.  Blissful may have to wait till next summer.

I was reminded how important it is to be a beginner sometimes.  How could I forget?  My arms hurt for days. Fresh tests of physical and/or mental strength help us rediscover and appreciate what we’re made of, what makes us tick, what lights us up– our bliss.

May you find some of yours this weekend, or having lost it, trust that more is on its way.  As long as you’re willing to get in the water, another wave will come.

Cold water in Maine

That is some seriously cold water.

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