Yogi Fashion with Erin the Om Gal Intern

Meet Erin, the OmGal.com intern. This week she graduates from college, along with millions of other co-eds across the country taking part in commencement ceremonies in the month of May. Congratulations to all of them! A few details on OmGal.com’s first intern: she’s a yogi (a bit of a pre-requisite), former ballerina, and aspiring marketing maven. She’s fond of Converse sneakers, lululemon duds (she works part-time at the Prudential Center store), and volunteerism. Instead of a typical spring break this year, complete with all the trappings of an episode of MTV’s Jersey Shore, Erin washed up on the shores of Costa Rica for a one-week service project.

In summary, “Erin the Intern” is pretty flippin’ awesome. I thought you might like to meet her.

I also thought you might like to scope out her killer sense of yoga-inspired style. Like many avid yogis and athletic types, she’s often on the go from yoga class to dinner with friends, work to the gym, etc. I can relate and frequently ask my wardrobe to perform double duty: yoga pants as leggings, a favorite lululemon bamboo T-shirt under a blazer for work, and accessories galore to transform gear for working out, into going out.

For her unmasking on OmGal.com, Erin selected three outfits from her closet (along with a few items from mine), which easily convert from fitness to fashion and vice versa.

Work to Running . . .

Conceal slim-fitting running shorts with built-in underwear and a lightweight tank under a flowy yet modest sundress. Add a classic belt and loose cardigan for added polish at the office.

Dress (Anthropologie), cardigan (Anthropologie), Run Speed Short (lululemon), Run Swiftly Racerback (lululemon), belt (H+M).

Pilates to Out-on-the-Town . . . Black basics, such as a halter top and 3/4 length tights, for Pilates, yoga, or dance easily transform into a chic evening outfit by adding a colorful mini skirt, tailored blazer, strappy sandals, and sparkling accessories. “A blazer goes with anything,” Erin declared during our photo shoot, which is how I feel about Indian-inspired gold bangles from Forever 21 (I wear them with everything). Erin rocks them, here, along with two other accessories: an H + M handbag and a yogi “mocktail” (water with lemon).
Blazer (J.Crew), Scoop Neck Tank (lululemon), Wunder Under leggings (lululemon; I wore these to run the Boston Marathon last year, in hot pink), skirt (Urban Outfitters), sandals (Aldo), clutch (H+M), bangles (Forever 21).

Yoga Practice to Lunch with Pals, Shopping, or even a Sox Game . . .
Nautical stripes instantly add a dash of playful preppiness and timeless style to any outfit. Meanwhile, a lightweight scarf updates the look, so that Erin doesn’t risk looking too much like a sailor. These navy yoga pants are cropped to a length that flatters with sneakers or ballet flats, and the delicate camisole easily works on or off the mat, alone or layered with a tunic, hoodie, or jacket.
Abi & Joseph Stretch Camisole, lucy hatha power capri, T-shirt (Intermix), scarf (H+M), shoes (Converse; not shown), mat by Plank Designs, Om Gal messenger bag (sorry friends, this item is one-of-a-kind).

One-of-a-kind, much like Erin the Intern!

Did you enjoy meeting Erin or any previous posts over the years on OmGal.com? If so, take one click to vote in the 2010 Intent Web Awards in the Best Yoga & Fitness Blog category. Pretty please . . . It’s good karma.

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  • Anonymous

    Yay omgal intern erin!

  • Anonymous

    Way to Represent Erin!

  • Anonymous

    Nice job erin!!!

  • Anonymous

    Where is that skirt from? Love the colors!

  • Doreen Hing

    Nice Art on a Yoga Mat from Plank…
    Is Erin up for a Plank Challenge either mentally or physically?
    Mentally to guess the referencing behind Plank's, Plank image…
    Physically, I'll challenge anyone to a Plank off…

    Glad that you've found an amazin' intern, I have intern envy…
    Cheers, Doreen
    PS. Congrats on your new internet award…

  • Om Gal

    Sorry for the omission. The skirt is from Urban Outfitters. Doreen- thank you for the fun mat design. I understand your intern envy. I really lucked out. Thanks, everyone!

  • Emma

    cute :)

  • Liz

    love the post!!!

  • Marissa A. Ross

    I think Erin did a great job and I think it's absolutely great you featured her! Interns need to feel loved too! :)

  • Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen)

    If lululemon and anthropologie didn't exist, I would be naked.

  • dining room set

    I also think that Erin is did great in this post. I love how she performs yoga. I love her outfits. She is so fashionable. I wish I can see more photo of her doing yoga.