Global Mala Boston 2009: Celebrating Peace Day

The 3rd annual Global Mala Boston occurred on September 20, 2009, to mark the U.N.’s International Day of Peace. Yogis convened on Boston’s Common to practice yoga with some of the city’s best teachers and support two charitable causes, Trees for the Future and the Food Project. Simultaneously, thousands of yogis throughout the world were doing the same thing.

The scene on the Common before the Global Mala festivities began.

I opened the 108 sun salutations with a round of Oms.
Some of my treasured om pals: Chanel Luck, co-founder Global Mala Boston, Roberto Lim, co-founder Global Mala Boston, and Bonnie Argo, Acro Yogi extraordinaire.
Chanel Luck and Me.
In case you missed yesterday’s Global Mala celebration, find your own way to celebrate Peace Day, today. Meditate, do yoga, spend some time in nature, attend a spiritual service, volunteer, breath deeply . . . Share your favorite peaceful activities by posting a comment.
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  • Eco Yogini

    sigh- i totally was too sick to make it to global mala yesterday (well, too much wine…lol). As tomorrow (Tuesday) is the actual fall equinox, I'll be celebrating peace and transition then with some nice yoga :)

    looks like a beautiful day was had!

  • Erin

    ooohhh, looks like a day filled with magic. simply lovely. adore picture #1.