Happy Om Bro Day!

This is my brother, Reece, and today is his birthday.


In addition to being the best brother in the world, you may also be interested to know that he is part fish.  Not just because he’s a Pisces, but because of how much he LOVES the water.  He swims in the ocean year-round in our hometown on Cape Cod.  (Please note: Cape Cod is not tropical.  It’s in Massachusetts, and most of the year, the water is effing freezing).  This is him post-swim on Christmas morning.  (Yes, that’s freezing rain and snow on the window).


Reece loves everything about water and the ocean–even news of shark attacks.  (Have you ever seen anyone this happy over sharks news?).

Reece loves everything about water and the ocean--even sharks.

Look at him; he’s pumped!

And, since we love Reece, Reece loves water, and he wants to bring clean water to the world through Charity Water, we want to help him.  Don’t you want to help him?  I do.

That's us.  We like water.

That’s us.  We love water.

Call it a karmic duty to share the most basic natural resource of clean, drinkable water to those in developing countries without it.  (800 million people don’t have access to clean water, and more people die from dirty water and poor sanitation than all forms of violence combined, including war).  Make it a celebration of Om Bro’s 30th or your personal love for drinking, bathing, and swimming in water, or do your part for World Water Day, which is this Friday.  Choose any reason to support such an important cause, and donate to Reece’s Charity Water project, here.  I’m doing it because he’s my brother and best bud: pure and simple–like clean water.

Happy birthday, bro.

Happy birthday, bro.

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