I Haven’t Done Enough With My Life Either

Thank God, I’m not the only one . . . This witty sound byte from our President occurred during his commencement address at Arizona State University yesterday. Perhaps you heard about the recent snub from the university’s president, wherein he claimed his school would not be presenting Barack Obama with an honorary degree- typically a formality in these situations, bestowed upon a speaker who has achieved the top level in his or her respective field- because our President had not yet accomplished enough in his lifetime (downright laughable, right?). In other news, Oprah just received a degree from Duke University last week. Congratulations, O. However, if you start rooting for Duke alum and Orlando Magic star J.J. Redick, we’re gonna have words, mkay? (Go Celtics!).

I share this clip for a few reasons:

1.) It’s entertaining.
2.) It’s a brilliant example of one person acknowledging that he is way more than his job, particularly to his spouse.
3.) It’s a great example of karma. People were irate about ASU’s blunder (including yours truly); however, the President diffused the controversy and illustrated that character trumps job titles, degrees, and labels every time.

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