Om Mama Made You a Valentine

Handmade for you by Om Mama, with love.

Handmade for you, with love.

As kids, my mom was insistent that my brother and I made things by hand. Classmates could delight in buying Scooby-Doo Valentines or superhero Halloween costumes at stores with rows of vibrant creations of paper and plastic. Not us. We stenciled doilies with Crayon hearts, and I wore a kimono from our Japanese exchange student, Mayumi, for Halloween. This was before the DIY movement was chic. Before Etsy. Before we suspected that strapping paint and plastic so close to our kids’ noses might not be the best idea.

Today, I’m grateful Om Mama was such a self-made stickler. Well, technically, it was Thursday–before the blizzard–when this Valentine arrived from her that my heart swelled with gratitude.

It was a lovely feeling, so I thought I’d pass it on.

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