OG Recommends: The Connection Documentary Film

They say you are what you watch.  Actually, I don’t know if anyone says that, but I think it works.  Alicia Florrick is my spirit animal, and as such, I am secretly a brilliant lawyer and running for State’s Attorney.  I can also drink more than two glasses of red wine without getting blasted.  OK, that last one is a lie.

Photo: Myles Aronowitz/CBS

Photo: Myles Aronowitz, CBS

However, it would be accurate to say that our lives are largely a product of what we focus on, the ideas we take in, people with whom we surround ourselves, jobs we show up to each day, art we look at, social and news media with which we engage, and entertainment we allow into our head space.  This is part of the reason I no longer have a TV (I watch Alicia Florrick as The Good Wife online).  The more difficult it is to watch, the easier it is to tune out the nonsense, foreboding, or idle-minded extra programming.  Sometimes I miss it, honestly.  But, by a very large margin, I love it.  I only watch what really excites or inspires me.

Enter: The Connection, a new documentary I’m excited to see about the scientifically proven, medically backed benefits of mind body healing.  It features some big names in mindfulness and familiar inspirations in OG territory, namely Jon Kabat-Zinn and Dr. Andrew Weil.  Here’s the trailer.

If this kind of smart, healthy, and, above all, hopeful content is something you want to let into your headspace, you can download the short film from its website as of this week through the end of October.  Enter promotional code: OMGAL and get a 50% off discount.  Sweet hook-up, right?  Or, even better– connection.

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  • qeby21
  • Cassie Bronkie

    This is beautiful thank you. I will watch this… Im one of those people living with disease… and today happens to be a pretty awful day actually when it comes to pain but I have been positive. Then this video popped up. Thanks again.