Your Very Own, Super Simple, DIY Yoga Retreat New Year’s Celebration

IMG_9959Some people like to herald the New Year with glittering attire, sparkling champagne, pre fixe menus, party hats, the countdown… the kissing.  And some of us have seen that movie and we know how it ends.  Not a cab in sight to be hailed, aching feet from the glittering shoes now in our hand as we walk home barefoot (in fricking January, in Boston) since (again) there are no available cabs, splitting headache on the way, and a growing feeling of nausea, nay from alcohol– just the fact that I paid four times the sticker price for a meal that wasn’t any better than when I had it last week at the same restaurant.

I’ve enjoyed many a glittering New Year’s Eve (the one pictured was my absolute favorite of the glittering variety: a black tie wedding when Future Hubs and I first started dating) and some absolute train wrecks when I let peer pressure dictate what plans should be and with whom I should celebrate.  Since I don’t drink very much– I once told my brother that I had three glasses of wine, which, for me, “was like New Year’s,” to which he laughed and replied, “For most people, that’s like… a Tuesday”– I feel like the revelry is sometimes part of a joke I’m just not getting.  No shit, Rebecca, you’re drinking bubbly water trying to make New Year’s meaningful while I swing from a chandelier naked drinking Red Bull and vodka.  No wonder you don’t get the joke….

See what I mean?  … Anyone?

If you do see what I mean and, perhaps, are scrambling today to create some small, meaningful (maybe yoga-inspired) celebration for yourself, here’s my favorite non-traditional New Year’s celebration.  It’s ideal for healthy types, pregnant ladies,  people with families, limited budgets, and anyone who prefers not to greet the New Year feeling like crap.  You just go to bed afterward.  You can also go out and paint the town red.  Then you have the best of both the deep meaning and debauchery.  Hey, it’s your life, your year: DO YOUR OM THING!  (I think there’s a book coming out on March 3rd by that title.  You should totally buy it;)

Your Super Simple DIY Yoga Retreat New Year’s: 

  1. Take a yoga class or do some yoga at home.  It can be an in-studio sweat fest or a few sun salutations in your living room.  It was a long year; don’t use your last yoga practice of 2014 as a barometer of anything.  Just do something that feels good.  My Runner’s World yoga center has some awesome video options for all levels.
  2. Have a healthy meal.  Make it.  Order it.  It was a long year; don’t use your last meal of 2014 as a barometer of anything.  Just eat something that makes you feel healthy and strong.
  3. Write down 15 things that you will leave behind as you create a fresh start in the year 2015.  If this year was a doozy, feel free to write down more.  (I’ve sooo been there; it helps.)  They can be small and pedestrian: getting parking tickets on Newbury Street, eating too much sugar, trolling Facebook instead of _______, or really epic.  Self-doubts, a toxic relationship, that thing that someone said to you in April that still stings with the urgency of a horsefly bite.  No one is going to see this.  Only you.  So, don’t censor.  Just write.
  4. BURN the list above.  Yup, ya heard me.  Torch it (in a fire safe bowl or the sink).  Free yourself from last year’s failures, hurts, and hindrances.
  5. Meditate for 15-minutes.  Meditation is the simplest, best, most healing and helpful way to start anything: a day, a goal, a whole big year.

You are now ready to rock a bright, new, beautiful, 2015.  Love and (glittering) light to you all!


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  • Patrice

    Thank you! I needed this today. Happy New Year!

  • toughasnails

    We started the cold brisk day with a 7 mile hike and then I came back and sewed some items I am making for my preschool kiddos while I cooked some stew. We watched “A Hard Day’s Night” and then cuddled with the kitties. Now we are up early ready to ride in 30 degrees….happy 2015! No failures, no regrets…just moving on before I get to old to do so!

  • Hannah Taytslin

    Love it. Thanks, Rebecca.

  • Liporidex Works

    This is great! And although New Years Eve is long gone, I think everyone should do this TONIGHT! Thank you!