Pumpkin Power Breakfast

This summer, while shooting a short video with my friend, The Boston Buddha, and his lovely wife, a production ace named Catharine, I happened upon a new word.  We’d been on set for several hours, along with a camera, lighting, and sound crew, collectively making a decision to skip lunch, when the kindly Catharine turned to us and said, “I think you guys need to eat.  You’re about to get hangry.”

There it was: a perfect word to describe a feeling we all know so well, when hunger is intense enough to border on anger.  You know, the point at which you might snarl at anything that isn’t a sandwich?

One surefire path to hangriness includes skipping breakfast, which I never do.  Because if I did, I’d be so chronically hangry that this site might spiral quickly from Om Gal to Om B*tch.  I love breakfast and occasionally share some of my favorite healthful meals, here, via posts and videos, such as pancakes (video), vegan apple muffins, quinoa, and muesli.

Thanks to one of this semester’s OmGal.com interns, a budding nutrition buff named Jessica, I now have a great seasonal option for fall.  It’s a simple recipe that Jessica adapted from a popular vegan blog, Oh She Glows.  Easy as pie to make, it also tastes a little like pumpkin pie.  Runners (especially those who are digging the minimalist movement, inspired in part by the book Born to Run) will be happy to hear that this hearty helping features chia seeds, a high-energy endurance food favored by the legendary tarahumara, a tribe of super-athletes in Northern Mexico.

In other words, this breakfast will stave off “hangry” and probably make you a superhuman “om athlete.” Enjoy!

Pumpkin Power Breakfast

  1. Combine 2 tbs. of chi seeds with a little water.  Mix in bowl until a jelly forms.
  2. Add 1 tbs. (or more, if preferred) sweetener of choice (such as stevia, agave, or raw sugar), pinch of cinnamon, and sprinkle of ginger.
  3. Next, add ½ cup rolled oats and 1/3 cup pure pureed pumpkin (canned is OK).
  4. Once the mixture is evenly combined, cover, and place in fridge for at least one-hour or overnight.
  5. Top with berries, nuts, or a dollop of yogurt.
  6. Feel the pumpkin power!

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  • Natasha

    This recipe sounds delicious and easy to make! Where do you recommend purchasing chi seeds? WholeFoods? Do you also maintain a vegan diet? I’ll definitely be trying this recipe and term hangry, totally applies to one of my friends! Thanks so much for another great post!

    • omgal

      Hi Natasha,
      Enjoy the recipe! Indeed, you can find chia seeds at Whole Foods or online. I’ve even seen them in the natural food section of some larger grocery chains, too. I don’t maintain a strictly vegan diet, but I am largely vegetarian. While I haven’t eaten red meat since the age of 9, I do integrate seafood and, occasionally poultry, into my diet from time to time. Best of luck staving off “hangry.” Thank you for reading!


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