Book Tour Fun in Photos

I don’t know where to begin.  How about here: THANK YOU!!!!!  To each of you who has bought the book so far, gifted it to... (read more)
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Sunday Style: Haverhill Jewelry

We all have our personal style icons.  A few of my favorites include Jenna Lyons, Alexa Chung, SJP, and 13 year-old sneakerhead dudes who rock... (read more)


At long last, it’s here.  Happy Publication Day, everyone! I’ll keep this quick because, well, I have to.  The first day of publication of your... (read more)

Days to Go: Book Release & Tour Events

Holy moly, life is moving at warp speed right now.  The book comes out in a few days (Tuesday!), and I’m doing my best to... (read more)

1 Month Till Publication: Shoveling Epic Snow and “Upping My Meds”

Yesterday marked 1-month till my publication date.  “Pub date” if you enjoy industry-speak.  Which means the next month (especially if the epic snow and traffic... (read more)

Your Very Own, Super Simple, DIY Yoga Retreat New Year’s Celebration

Some people like to herald the New Year with glittering attire, sparkling champagne, pre fixe menus, party hats, the countdown… the kissing.  And some of... (read more)
Photo: Jason Redmond, Reuters

For Ferguson

Yoga today: Practice peace in my thoughts, words, & deeds. Stretch my empathy & compassion. Strengthen my understanding of justice. Speak the truth & support... (read more)

I’m Engaged! (The Story & What I Wasn’t Prepared For)

You can all text during yoga class this week. It’s fine. I’m so deliriously happy right now, I won’t even get mad. That’s a joke.... (read more)
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OG Recommends: The Connection Documentary Film

They say you are what you watch.  Actually, I don’t know if anyone says that, but I think it works.  Alicia Florrick is my spirit... (read more)
I had this skill made in India in 2000. I didn't wear it until this photos shoot with Beyond Boston Chic in 2010.

Fashion Friday: New OG Feature!

I’m starting a new thing.  Perhaps it will become a regular thing.  We’ll see.  Heretofore, I’ll do a feature called Fashion Friday (#OGFashionFriday for those... (read more)
How can we find quiet and stillness in our lives if even yoga class is noisy?

Dear Yoga Teacher, Please Shut Up!

Recently, I received the following email from a student and friend who shall remain anonymous, about a teacher who shall remain anonymous (I don’t even... (read more)
The Comeback Workout

The Comeback Workout

I don’t have time.  Work is really busy right now.  My gym went out of business.  A raccoon stole my running shorts while my laundry... (read more)
Remember: just because things feel like they're moving fast, doesn't mean you have to.

Surfing Not the Web

The world is speeding up. With the Internet Age and all its latest innovations, we’ve kissed good-bye the dallying days of dial-up (thank god), snail... (read more)
Magazine Revamps of Yoga Journal, SELF, & Runner’s World: Plus RW Video Fun with Personal Heroes

Magazine Revamps of Yoga Journal, SELF, & Runner’s World: Plus RW Video Fun with Personal Heroes

Tis the season of redesigning magazines. Perhaps you heard that Yoga Journal got a facelift, featuring Kathryn Budig on its cover this month. It’s enjoying... (read more)
Book Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

Book Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

Greetings from Book Land, my OG friends!  What a beautiful, busy summer it’s been (nay, was, I’m not ready to speak in past tense yet).... (read more)
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