Yoga in Mainstream Media

Perhaps you’ve noticed there’s been a lot of yoga coverage in the media recently, in major journalism outlets covering “serious” news.  Typically, yoga in the... (read more)

Style File: The Non-Workout T-Shirt

Rebecca, You’ve got a great sense of style . . . Where have you been shopping lately?  I’m looking for those really unique (and comfy)... (read more)

10 Yoga Tips for Guys

There are Yoga Guys and there are Guys Who Do Yoga.  This post is dedicated to the latter. Yoga Guys know their way around a... (read more)

Quote: Perfection

“Perfection is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people.  It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life . . .... (read more)

3 Cool Tips for Summer

We all have our own strategies for staying cool.  We wear skimpier clothes; we think breezier thoughts; we  befriend people with central air.  However, if... (read more)

Do I Have to Leave?

First, here’s the view from the room in which yogis practiced today at Yoga Rocks the Mountain, held at the Viceroy Snowmass.  After that, what... (read more)

Greetings from "Snowmasana," Colorado!

We’re doing yoga.  We’re in the mountains.  It rocks.  Hence, it’s called: Yoga Rocks the Mountain, a yoga and music festival in Snowmass, Colorado.  I’ve... (read more)

Quote: Writing

They ask me if I were on a desert island and knew nobody would ever see what I wrote, would I go on writing.  ... (read more)

What a Yogi Packs to Rock the Mountain

Packing for a yoga trip takes discretion.  On one hand, you want to feel liberated from worldly possessions and the trappings of your daily routine,... (read more)

I Call This One: "Writer’s Block"

... (read more)

A WTF Yoga Moment

Yoga practice has the potential to change our reality.  We step onto our mats feeling one way (tired, stressed, inflexible, sad), only to discover that... (read more)

Quote: Counting Our Blessings

I thank You God for this most amazing day; for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue dream of sky; and for everything... (read more)

Yoga Rocks the Mountain & Interview with Dave Romanelli

You may have noticed I’ve been bouncing around a bit lately, from NYC for the world’s largest yoga class, to Cape Cod, where I demonstrated... (read more)

Hidden Beach Yoga Benefit

You’re probably aware of yoga’s myriad benefits, including stress reduction, increased flexibility, and improved strength, among others. However, there are many more unexpected, fringe benefits as well, such... (read more)

Quote: Laughing at Yourself

“You grow up the day you have your first real laugh at yourself.” -Ethel Barrymore... (read more)