Friday I’m in Love: Viparita Karani

Last Friday, I was feeling a bit amorous, specifically while leafing through the April issue of Men’s Journal featuring my frog-eating, freezing-lake-dipping, campfire-building, charismatic-even-while-wadding-through-bat-sh*t crush,... (read more)

Reader Query: Incense

Hi, Om Gal! Love the blog . . . Keeps me entertained while I’m at work, painfully waiting for 5:00 to come so I can head to... (read more)

A Few Marathon Moments*

Picking up my number at the Boston Marathon Runners Expo.  I felt very elated and excited to be in the company of so many dedicated... (read more)

Putting On My Game Face

At last night’s Greatest Party on Earth to benefit one of my favorite local causes, Artists for Humanity, with The Hulk, practicing my game face... (read more)

Om Gal At The Runners Expo

Via Twitter, a new performance apparel line, Zensah, invited me to swing by their booth at this weekend’s Runners Expo. So, I did, where I... (read more)

Friday I’m in Love: Bear Grylls

Me: [To a co-worker (the one who doesn't like to work out)]: Wanna see my crush? Co-worker: Oooh, yeah. Show me. Me: [Revealing this month's... (read more)

Weekend Events For Yogis, Runners, & Yogis/Runners!

... (read more)

Yoga For Tax Time

Ideally, the practice of yoga serves to connect us to the abundant nature of the universe, with its infinite possibilities held in any given moment.... (read more)

Quote: The Marathon

“I tell our runners to divide the race into thirds. Run the first part with your head, the middle part with your personality, and the... (read more)

Why I’m Running The Boston Marathon: Part 1

Countdown to the Boston Marathon (my first): One Week In mid January, I found myself running around Castle Island in South Boston at sunrise, on... (read more)

Using My Brother, A Shameless Bid For Increased Traffic

Admittedly, I’m not super tech-savvy. I like technology. I blog. I tweet. I joined Facebook (after much kicking and screaming). I do LOVE texting; it’s... (read more)

Thank You!

Thank you so much to the people and businesses that supported tonight’s event to benefit Fit Girls, my marathon charity, which combines running, reading, and... (read more)

Sign of the Apocalypse: Om Gal Bids Jeter Good Luck on Red Sox Opening Day

... (read more)

Quote: Fear

Do not allow fear to settle into place in any part of your life. It is a defeating attitude and a negative emotion. Recognize and... (read more)

Wanna Party?

What: Fit Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Party  To benefit Fit Girls, the organization for which I am running the Boston Marathon along with my pal... (read more)