Greatest Hits

I’ve learned a lot about you recently. You, being the reader. I’ve learned that you find a few yoga poses totally loathsome and certain books... (read more)

How Does Your Garden Grow?

“Every single one of us at birth is given an emotional acre all our own. You get one, your awful Uncle Phil gets one, I... (read more)

A Pose You Can Part With

Okay, the jig is up. I love yoga. It’s well documented, but I have my quirks. There are a few, select poses that I could... (read more)

A Running List: 6 Rules of the Road

I’ve never run a marathon- not yet, at least. Still, my love of running stretches across many years and miles and through lots of well-worn... (read more)

Do You Walk the Walk?

“All know the way; few actually walk it.” -Bodhidharma... (read more)

A Treat For Your Feet

You may recall that I recently bought a pair of TOMS shoes (not the ones at left, though, those are Tiny TOMS- insanely cute, right?),... (read more)

Zen and the Art of Relationships

It’s often been said that death and taxes are the only things in life of which we can be certain; however, I’m willing to bet... (read more)

Spring, Skin-Baring Stress Solved

Warmer weather signals the necessity to rotate our winter wardrobes and break out the lighter layers. For some, it also brings varying levels of anxiety,... (read more)

Entertaining Om-Style

O.G.’s B.F.F. recently had her first baby (my god-son) and celebrated her first birthday as a new mom. Given the happy chaos that comes with... (read more)

Om Gal Answers A Reader’s Question About Yoga Tunes

Recently, fielded a question about the music played in yoga studios, and the question went something like this, “Hey, Om Gal, I love the... (read more)

Sports and Yoga

Sports and yoga make a beautiful pair, like Tom Brady and Giselle Bunchen, Tiger and the au pair, Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece . .... (read more)

Om Gal Has A Confession

Shhh . . . Om Gal has a serious addiction. Until now, I’ve spared you the harrowing details of the rehabilitation program that I recently... (read more)

Train Your Brain

Meditation is the practice of quieting the mind, and cultivating this skill allows us to live fully in the present moment, which is the only... (read more)

Quote of the Day: Happiness

“Happiness is an inside job.” -William Arthur Ward... (read more)

What Brightens Your Day?

To help you kick off the month of April, I’m sharing a few small pleasures that are brightening my days right now. Music: “Ode to... (read more)