Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It

Make someone laugh today. Send an unexpected email that recounts a funny story for a friend or relative (like the time your brother put the... (read more)

"And The Award Goes To . . ."

Welcome to the first annual Om Gal Awards! Bostonians often seek my input regarding yoga studio and health club recommendations. I try to be diplomatic... (read more)

Spring Fashion Takes a Cue from Yoga

As stated in my previous post, yoga and fashion have forged a relatively new relationship. In recent years, it’s become evident that yogis want to... (read more)

The Evolution of Yoga Fashion

One short decade ago, the thought of yoga as being a fashionable activity would have been laughable. Yogis were stereotypically “earthy crunchy,” with about as... (read more)

The Supreme Prayer of My Heart…

The supreme prayer of my heart . . . is not to be rich, famous, powerful, or too good, but to be radiant. I desire... (read more)

A Timeless Tale

On the eve of his enlightenment, Siddartha Gautama, the man who would come to be known as the Buddha, sat in meditation beneath the now... (read more)

Delightful Contradiction: The Healthy Burger

While no longer a vegetarian, I haven’t eaten red meat since age 9. To be honest, I don’t really remember what a burger tastes like,... (read more)

Most Of You Who Read This Blog Practice Yoga (Or You’re Probably My Parents).

You’re a cadre of health-conscious people who appreciate informed yogic insight, effective workout tips, easy and nutritious recipe options, and creative lifestyle advice. Some of... (read more)

Sometimes . . .

“You take the leap, and build your wings on the way down.” Faith in ourselves and the people we love is what keeps us afloat... (read more)

Did You Hear The One About The Buddhist Vacuum Cleaner?

It has no attachments! Try getting rid of something today. Even small exercises of non-attachment can feel wonderful. Send an outdated or poor-fitting outfit to... (read more)

5 Ways for Jet-Setters To Become Zen-Getters

Perhaps you’re fixing to skip town for the long weekend. If so, here are some travel tips to ensure that you touch down at your... (read more)

Cupid Under A Time Crunch?

The mere thought of red roses and chocolates might send your heart aflutter this week, or make you wince at the contrived “Hallmark holiday” that... (read more)

When The Yoga Teacher Is Wrong

To most Americans, the concept and practice of yoga is new; therefore, students are predisposed to believing that what a yoga teacher says is the... (read more)

Om Gal Ventures North

I’m a big fan of Uggs and hot cocoa, but that’s about as far as my affinity for the winter months goes. I don’t ski,... (read more)

Speaking of Taking Action . . .

You may or may not know that the word “karma,” which is so commonly used in the lexicon of pop culture lingo, translates to mean... (read more)
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