Zen Master Tim Gunn: Make it Work!

Ideally, your yoga practice and, by extension, your life is a means of discovering, revealing, and honoring your truth, known in sanskrit as “satya.” So,... (read more)

Vegan Muffins for the Mainstream

These muffins are easy, healthy, and completely delicious. They happen to be vegan but certainly won’t tip anyone off on taste alone. Give them a... (read more)

Weight Loss Starts with Awareness- And a Pen!

I’ve shared this tip with a few people seeking advice on how to get their nutrition back on track this week, so perhaps it will... (read more)

How To Heal A Broken Heart

It’s probable that many of you are mourning the loss of the Patriots’ perfect season at the Superbowl last night. I’m with you; it’s devastating,... (read more)

The Buddha’s Last Piece of Advice

The Buddha, in his lifetime, shared many eye-opening, heartwarming insights. He taught the world non-violence and moderation, a commitment to the truth, and the power... (read more)

Fabulous Forearm Stand: The Inversion You’re Overlooking

Headstand and handstand tend to get all the glory. They’re beautiful and showy and, let’s face it, fun. They’re like the homecoming king and queen... (read more)

Winter Blues in My Wardrobe

After realizing that I wore monochramatic, grey (albeit not unstylish) ensembles two days in a row this week, I had no choice but to arrive... (read more)

Your Most Valuable Piece of Workout Equipment: A Calendar

When push comes to shove, or punch comes to kick, or upward dog comes to downward dog, the intricate details of your workout matter a... (read more)

What If You Had Lunch With Yourself?

Somewhere along the way, I heard someone define success like this . . . If you had lunch with the nine year old version of... (read more)

When TV Isn’t Mind-Numbing

“I am but ashes and dust.” “For me, the universe was created.” I pulled this pair of quotations (author unknown) from the Iconoclasts program on... (read more)

"Hello, Gods, it’s me, Om Gal."

While you certainly do not need to be Hindu to practice yoga (as evidenced by the 30 million Americans of a broad spectrum of faiths... (read more)

Moore is Better!

The Buddha famously espoused the teaching of the Middle Way, a path that hails moderation as the way to Nirvana, as opposed to asceticism or... (read more)

Om Gal Glossary

OM: Sacred monosyllable symbolizing oneness/the Absolute; the oldest, most popular mantra. MANTRA: Thought or intention expressed in sound (e.g. prayer, hymn, plan). MUDRA: Literally, a... (read more)

A Pose a Day Keeps the Blahs Away

Many of us have an “all or none” attitude hard-wired into our systems. While this quality can serve us in certain ways, it also defeats... (read more)

WholesOMe Honey Wheat Soda Bread

If you must be cooped up inside during the cold winter months, you might as well embrace the whole, cozy, homebody routine and start baking.... (read more)
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