Bye, Bye, Winter Blahs: OG’s Homemade Bath Salts

Thankfully, it’s been a mild winter so far, and, yet, the blahs still strike.  Your bones are chilly.  Your skin is pale.  You and the sun are having a long distance relationship.  (You see each other on weekends, but it’s not enough).

Enter your strategic winter blah busters, which might run the gamut from hot yoga to hot chocolate, getting a manicure to raising a glass of Malbec.  Perhaps all of the above.

Here’s a favorite of mine to add to your list of little luxuries to warm up and politely diss the doldrums: a hot bath with homemade bath salts.  (Thank you, Om Mama, for the recipe!).

And, just like that, you’ll go from blah to ahhhhhh.

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