Happy Om Bro Day: Good Reeces & Good Karma

My brother and I have happened upon a new tradition: good-natured and mildly embarrassing birthday wishes via new media.  This year I’m seeing our annual blog posts and raising him a previously unseen video.  It’s a simple moment over breakfast at our parents’ house, but it captures my baby bro and best bud perfectly: supportive, discerning, curious, funny, and kind.  (Also, tolerant of having a camera in his face first thing in the morning).

Here, he’s reading a little diddy of mine and wondering aloud how on earth I managed to get hooked on yoga at the age of 16, before I had a driver’s license or yoga had hit the mainstream.  There were several contributing factors, but the most formative was the same inspiration that drives any teenager to try anything new: I knew someone older and cooler who did it.  I am forever grateful to one of my mind’s original om gals, Jill.

I am also grateful to my grandmother for purchasing my brother, Reece, at an upscale department store when he was a baby.  Family lore has it that someone once exclaimed in a manner that grown-ups often do to kids, “You’re so cute!  Where did your parents find you?”  This is a hypothetical question, except when posed to Reece, who explained that our “Vavo” bought him at Bloomingdale’s.  Nevermind the birds and the bees, the stork, or the fact that Reece had never been to Bloomngdale’s.  That was his story.  He would go on to explain that there were Good Reeces and Bad Reeces, and he was the last Good Reece left.  Imagine our luck!

However, I disagree.  I don’t think he’s just good.  I think he’s the very best.  Happy Birthday, bro!  If you’d like to show your support for my brother, Reece, Om Bro, and the founder of Shelby.tv, you can help bring clean water to those who need it through one of his favorite causes Charity Water.  Good karma on behalf of a Good Reece.  Everybody wins.

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  • Naveen Gote

    The video is superb and nicely presented about Yoga