Happy Valentine’s Day, OGs: I Love YOU!

I should tell you I love you more often, and I should do this without being prompted by Valentine’s Day—the famously divisive holiday of swooning romance, obligatory chocolate, or downright drudgery depending on who you are and your current relationship status.  V-day’s mixed reviews are mostly deserved, because it’s mostly silly and contrived and liable to make someone cry on the couch while watching a chick flick.

But we like to look on the bright side of things, here, at OG, so I’ve decided to enumerate the reasons I love YOU, om gals and guys, the readers who make this blog what it is.  “Let me count the ways,” as poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning once wrote.  10 of them.

1.)  You listen.  It would seem this is the start of all great loves.

2.)  You laugh at me, which isn’t a botched form of laughing with me.  I genuinely appreciate when you laugh at me.  There’s plenty of delightfully embarrassing material, and it would be a shame to let it go to waste when I wear my clothes inside-out at a swanky gym or duck for cover from gunfire like I’m in a war-torn village when it’s just a blown speaker in a yoga studio.

3.)  We’re compatible.  We like long walks on the beach, reading poetry, and hot baths.  [I might be taking this metaphor way too far, in which case, please see #2].

4.)  We pick each other up.  You know you can come here for fun content and inspiration.  I know you’re the bomb.  We work.

5.)  We love love; we hate hate.  It’s a simple life principle, but not enough people practice it enough of the time.  When you find those who do, keep them close.

6.)  You’re willing to go through hell with me.  I knew I really loved you when you sold out a yoga and running event in a matter of days that was blatantly called “Heaven & Hell.”  You don’t walk out when the temperature in my yoga classes accidentally rivals that of Hades.  You run grueling marathons.  You swim daunting distances.  You meditate, which generally requires making friends with the hellacious content in our heads.  You’re not haters, but you’re also not fragile yoga flowers who can’t handle a little kick in your kombucha.  I dig this about you.

7.)  You pretend to like my cooking.  “Mmmmm, this is really good, honey,” you say, even if you prefer pancakes slathered in butter or oatmeal without gelatinous chia seeds.

8.)  You’re cool with me dressing like a weirdo.

Photo: Martini Severin, Beyond Boston Chic

9.)  We travel well together.  Wherever I go, there you are.  As sure as I can pack a laptop and some yoga clothes, you come along for the adventure.  In 2011, we went to Vancouver and, later, Northern Ireland with lululemon, taught yoga to some Olympic swimmers in France, and dashed to the Hamptons with Prevention magazine.  (I need to give other beach escapes more credit, despite being a loyal Cape Cod native).  We went to the Cape, as well, the Caribbean, New York City, and, yes, Mexico, for my Yoga in Paradise retreat with Chanel Luck.  You have an open invitation to come this year, too.  For real, sign up today.  It will be one of the best weeks of your life.  Period.

View from the yoga studio; Prana Del Mar retreat center, Baja, Mexico.

10.)  We’re in it for the long haul.  It’s been more than four years since I strung together five little letters, O-M-G-A-L, and started blogging, and as long as you’re cool with it, I’ll keep stringing together words, letters, and pages– with love, for you, from me.

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  • MJ

    Back at ya! ;) And must ask – are those socks with the feet cut off or heart-covered calf sleeves – if the latter, please share the source, would enjoy having a pair of my own.

    • http://www.omgal.com omgal

      Glad you like them! Indeed, they are calf sleeves with hearts:-) If you’re from Boston, the guys at South End Athletic Company on Tremont Street can help you track them down. They carry C3fit, the brand that makes them. Happy running!

  • MJ

    Sadly not local – but enjoy the area when I get to visit! (and enjoy your photos – my inlaws used to live near Newbury Street) I’m sure I can find them with that info, or even call South End if need be. Thanks!