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Photo credit: Fab Sugar

Today is a big day in fashion circles.  Following last night’s Met Costume Institute Gala, fashion editors, bloggers, and others who can wax poetic about peplums and truly become offended by too many blush tones on the red carpet (or too few) will assess the night’s fashion winners and losers.  For the record, Scarlett Johansson made me say daaay-um.  Cameron Diaz sparkled her usual sparkle but was made more evident in a super sequined yet slouchy gown (a favorite contrast of mine: high elegance with a hint of un-done).  Rihanna was fiercely reptilian.  Beyonce (what baby weight?) and sis Solange Knowles (yellow!) worked it, as determined by their lovable diva DNA.  Gwyneth Paltrow can wear anything (including a side breast peep show), and I will like it.  Mary-Kate Olsen confused people–which is, we should know by now, the goal.

At its best, fashion is personal, expressive, and a little unpredictable.

On occasion, I’m recognized for my sense of style, which is always met with entertaining jabs from my closest friends and family.  For instance, Neiman Marcus once selected me as a Boston style “icon” for an event they were hosting, to which my befuddled mother asked, upon hearing the news, What?…Who picked you?…Have they seen how you dress?

Then, there’s my BFF in California, whom I asked to weigh in on what I should wear for a TV appearance last month, and this is what I got…

In other words, my style is eclectic, as evidenced by the below ensemble for favorite fashion blog Beyond Boston Chic.  The look was then picked up by New York magazine’s Cut Blog, an online mecca for street style. My photo appeared right after supermodel Natalia Vodianova’s, but pretty much everyone in my life categorically thought I looked ridiculous, save for one pal who claimed it was a perfect outfit…if I was trying to look like a cross between Thanksgiving and a Christmas ornament. Fine.

Photo credit: Martini Severin, Beyond Boston Chic

The truth is I don’t mind looking a little ridiculous. For me, it’s always preferable to looking like everyone else.  That goes for yoga and workout apparel, too.  Plus, when you can make your friends laugh this hard with drop crotch M.C. Hammer pants and a reverse crop top, while on a yoga retreat, we’re all fashion winners.

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  • http://www.adesignsovast.com Lindsey

    Love this. Yes, in my view fashion is just about individual creative expression, and confidence, both of which you exude through the computer screen. And your bff? A keeper. xoxo

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  • Pixi Cycling

    Love your idea of looking different… love the style tips and overall attitude for fashion and fitness! Keep it up :)