OG on Fox News Discussing Post-Marathon Runner Repair

I want to write a witty lead in for my appearance on Fox News this morning about runner recovery following the Boston Marathon. I could make a creative quip about how I learned my lesson at the Runner’s World VIP Party on Saturday and opted not to dress like I got confused and thought I was at Coachella. No multi-colored dress with cut-out shoulders, no motorcycle boots. Thank goodness.

Instead, I’m dazed with equal parts exhaustion and gratitude for a marathon of a week, which culminated in the opportunity to go on the morning news and talk about two things I love most on the planet: yoga and running.  I did this after a nonstop, crazytown schedule of classes, clients, meetings, writing, a short speech and meditation to open the Boston Business Journal’s Healthiest Employer’s event, a seminar about race day preparation at the Marathon Expo, and not much sleep (not that this is anything new).  It was also before I high-tailed it to the race course, parked in an unknown Newton neighborhood, changed clothes in my car; toasted the opening of Heartbreak Hill Running Company, along with Puma’s official cheering section; and watched thousands of runners and more than a dozen pals take Heartbreak Hill in stride…show it who’s boss…or, better yet, get confused and think they were running on a day that was 65-degrees with a tailwind (instead of 90-degrees of blazing sun).

I’m inspired and a little awestruck by a day like today: when you can’t tell people to defer a dream because of the weather, you wake up for a moment to realize you’re living your own dream, and the most fulfilling moments of life are cheering on others as they do the same.  I want to write more about all this–make it witty, make it vivid, make it memorable.  But, right now, I need to go to bed, so that I can do this all over again soon.

Here’s the piece from Fox News.  Happy recovery, runners! 

Runner Repair: Healing Post-race Muscles : MyFoxBOSTON.com

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