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Blizzard of 2013

Remember this? Blizzard of 2013, Boston.

While on a morning run this week, standing in the scorching heat at a crosswalk that I wished was a lot closer to my home, I recalled the run above, during a blizzard back in February.

I had to laugh at the contrast and how fast the time went.  I’ve always liked the idea of marking time on earth in miles run, years doing yoga, or friends who weather all seasons with you.  After the blizzard run, I made a pancake breakfast for friends and pretty much continued to cook all weekend as if troops of hungry people could drop by at any moment after hours of shoveling.

The snowy memory was a gentle reminder not to wish time away, not even sweltering time.  Instead, we’re better off finding some shade, shore, or a seat in a chilled movie theater and soaking up the present–and when the heat breaks and rain falls, soaking that up, too.  It all passes so quickly anyway, faster than any of us can run.

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  • lemead

    Thank you for this reminder. So true. xox

  • Lynn Higgin

    Great blog! I needed to be reminded of this today:))