Goal-Setting Inspired by the Boston Marathon

The stage is set for another iconic Marathon Monday in Boston–and a hot one.  The Boston Athletic Association, which manages the race, is strongly advising runners to rethink participation (allowing deference until next year), unless they are in peak physical condition and accustomed to training and racing in the heat.  This will deter some people, but after months of training, most runners will steel their focus, adjust their pace, and race sensibly toward achieving a long-held goal.

Even if you have no desire to run a marathon (or anything beyond the short dash to the kitchen when your tea kettle whistles), you have to respect anyone who tests the hottest, hardest, gnarliest depths of his/her own resolve at anything, including finishing a feat comprised of 26.2-miles.

Did I mention I love this day like normal people love the Superbowl?  I’ll kick it off on Fox News (9:15 AM) to talk about runner recovery following the race.  Then, I’ll high-tail it to the Puma cheering station at Heartbreak Hill Running Company (mile-20) to support my friends, clients, and Om Athletes in the race.  I plan to lose my voice for the next 3-days.

But it will be worth it, as any worthy goal requires sacrifice.  Inevitably, the day will also inspire me to reconnect to my own goals–in running and life.  What about you?

Any goals you’d like to share?  In other words: what’s your Boston Marathon?  

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