Friday, I’m in Love: Big Yogi Birthdays

As you know, Friday is the day of the week on when I share people, places, products, or pieces of yoga-related information that are successfully wooing my soul right now (and you should feel free to do the same in the Comments). Coincidentally, I’m looking forward to two birthdays this weekend– of a person and a place close to my heart.

First and foremost, my god-son, to whom you might recall I wrote a letter about spirituality not long ago, turns 2 this weekend. So raise a glass of kombucha, and salute this precious yoga baby! (Mom is my BFF from the recent post about Biggest Loser-caliber workouts).

Next, I’ll be setting up shop, literally, at lululemon on Sunday morning to teach a FREE yoga class in celebration of the Prudential store’s 1st birthday. As a lululemon ambassador, I am blessed to feel quite a bit of love from the yoga-inspired brand. I hope you’ll join me and the lovely crew of lulu heads at the Boston store for class this weekend, proving true the old adage that, indeed, the best things in life are free.

With love,

Om Gal

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  • Anonymous

    I love Synergy and Kombucha drinks!!! It's a new find for me and I drink one everyday!!! :)