Friend Dating & Competitive Yoga Chicks

A few months ago, one of my oldest friends, Alex (we’ve been friends since age 13), set me up on a friend date with Toni Nagy, the bold and bright voice behind the Toni Balogna blog.  We met for tea and a hot yoga class at my old stomping grounds of the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute.  Ten-minutes underway, I realized Toni mentioned she wasn’t accustomed to heated yoga and was likely melting on the mat next to me.  It was absurdly hot, even for me, someone who previously spent upwards of 6-hours a day teaching and practicing in the same soupy environment (sort of like the weather in Boston today).  I was bombing on our first date.  Toni probably hates me, I thought.

That’s my version.  Here’s hers, for the she said/she said perspective.

To make matters worse, I had returned from Asia the day before, so life during this period of jet lag (and for the following near two weeks it took to recover) is a bit foggy.  From what I can recall, Toni and I hit it off at tea.  I’d even say there were friend fireworks.  She made it through yoga, possibly enjoying it– at least the part when it was over, and she was still alive.  We parted ways with the familiarity of two people who gainfully assume: I love our friend Alex.  You love our friend Alex.  We shall love each other as friends!

And what do you do with people you love?  You make crazy Internet videos with them.  

For our first blog buddy collaboration, I sharpened my acting chops as– wait for it– a yoga teacher!  The subject matter hits close to home, too.  It’s called Competitive Yoga Chick, referencing a familiar breed of yogi that Toni brings to light in a very funny way.  We all know this yogi or have behaved like this yogi (in our less enlightened days, naturally…), and I think the video does a great job of parodying the temptation to develop a “more than you” mentality through yoga.  Take a peek, and please share your laughable or lovable competitive yogi moments, especially if you have an all out I-AM-SO-MUCH-MORE-SPIRITUAL-THAN-YOU tirade like the talented Bridget Barkan, who plays our over-the-top Competitive Yoga Chick.  Alex also makes an appearance.  She’s the blonde with nice alignment in Warrior I.

To close, I’d just like to reiterate that I was acting, and if anyone tried this crap in a real class, I’d have to regulate. Check out Toni’s blog for Elephant Journal on being a recovering competitive yoga chick. It’s so good, you’ll want to go on a friend date with her, too. But, remember, I was friends with her first.

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  • Julie K. Johnson

    After leaving your InnerStrength class last night, I had to look up this video and it’s hilarious! Thanks for sharing. For this very new ‘yogi,’ your classes have been a great end to the past few hectic Thursdays, so thank you!

  • Naveen Gote

    The most fantastic article and video ever seen for Yoga