How Yogis Weather Harsh Temperatures and Truth

Turns out, scowling at the cold doesn't help much...

Turns out, scowling at the cold doesn’t help much…

In case you’re new to OG, let me recap a few essentials as they relate to today’s post. First, I live in Boston. Second, Boston is freezing in the winter, especially today, since temperatures plummeted to what the news calls “numbing” single-digits. Even Siri wasn’t pulling any punches last night when I asked her about the forecast.

Siri calls it like she sees it in Boston.

Siri calls it like she sees it in Boston.

But, such honesty can be liberating, don’t you think? Why sugarcoat things, especially in New England, after a biting Patriots loss, during a week when truth-telling is having a moment?  For example, there was Lance Armstrong accepting his disgraced place in sports (or vying for a future role of relevance via today’s media game last week).  Then, we marked the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s grace-filled I Have a Dream Speech on Monday, and, finally, President Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony, in which he delivered plans for his next four years in office, including a bold call for equal rights for gays.  It was the first time a new or re-elected President has been so candid on the issue.  To which I say: Bravo, Mr. President.  I waited in the bitter cold for 2 and 1/2 hours to vote for you in November, and I would do it all over again, today, if I had to.

But, please, don’t make me.

My point is this: there’s an honesty in harsh temperatures and always freedom in truth (even when it’s difficult to utter or execute), and this is part of the path of a yogi: dealing with reality.  Come what may: hot or cold, graceful or disgraced, easy or politically gridlocked.  If something matters to the core of who you are, few external factors can stop you.  So, whether you need to knock out a frigid training run for the Boston marathon, get some fresh air and sunlight so that you feel a little more alive and a little less cooped up, or keep faith that truth and justice always prevail, you have more than enough inner fire to do so.  In yoga, this inner light is called your atman.  It is your deepest, truest self, and it could care less about the weather.

Stay warm, OGs!


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