Meditation & Running Gathering on Boston Common Last Night

Last night, a group of us got together to meditate and run on Boston Common. I taught a brief meditation, while Dan Fitzgerald, co-owner of Heartbreak Hill Running Company and South End Athletic Company and running coach for the American Red Cross marathon team, led the run– 3 laps around the Common to honor the lives lost on Monday.  I thought you might enjoy a few photos.

Gathering in a circle on Boston Common for a lovingkindness meditation, known as metta.

After walking to the Common (to spare weary legs), we gathered in a circle and joined hands for a lovingkindness meditation, known as metta. After giving and receiving metta, I asked marathoners to step into the center of the circle.

And, then, we hugged them.

So we could hug them.

It's what we do, who we are.

Then, we did what we do and who we are: we ran.

Photos: Abe Donner

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