My Friend: Assessing His Life

[Via an email regarding the disparity between a day job and spending time with his precocious niece and nephew].

I can’t deal with these kinds of questions:

Can you get me the matrix on that?

Need to see that spreadsheet.

Can you stay late tonight?

I CAN deal with these questions:

Can we get Chips Ahoy?

Is Dora on?

Is Honey Nut Cheerios a “bad” cereal?

New Year’s Eve is a time to take stock, reflect, resolve, and re-prioritize. We all have our own way of engaging in this process, and to help you make the most of your healthy goals this year, I’ll provide further details, tips, and resources in the days and weeks ahead (nobody resolved to start smoking, right?).

Given that you probably don’t want to be bogged down with too much too soon (better to simply focus on kissing 2008 good-bye today), I thought I’d share with you the witty, reflective ruminations of one of my pals (above). We’ll keep his identity secret, but it might be worth noting that he is indeed a “he,” proving that young, professional guys as well as gals struggle to balance aspirations of having and spending time at home with a family and the need to keep the lights on.

Moreover, it goes without saying that a clear window into someone else’s world can often illuminate and inspire our own goals (else there would be no blogosphere). So, have a candid conversation with yourself today, and decide what you “can stand” and what you can’t in the year ahead. Then, consider how you might close the gap between the two. Relishing in the power of possibility is the first step down a bright, beautiful, inspired path in 2009. May it be filled with light, love, and, perhaps, the occasional, indulgent bowl of “bad” cereal.

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