The Dalai Lama at Gillette Stadium Today

I took a total of 17 and 1/2 pages of notes as the Dalai Lama spoke at Gillette Stadium today. I attended both lectures, sitting, riveted, in the 3rd row. I snapped pictures; I shared the event with friends. I tried to burn the whole sensory experience into my memory as the minutes and hours passed. Still, I’ll be hard-pressed to adequately capture the day in words. Instead, I thought I’d show you one of my favorite moments.

More than 10,000 people experienced the presence of His Holiness in Boston today, making it a memorable event for many. Yet, I wonder what we’ll recall more: his engaging, direct, and compassionate words or his warm, authentic, and incomparably peaceful presence?

Notice how quiet the audio of the following clip is. As the Dalai Lama prepares to leave the stage, the crowd watches in awe. The stadium is so silent that you can hear the snapping of cell phone cameras in the background.

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  • Lisa

    I was leaving and KNEW that I saw you today although I have never seen you in person nor have we met. ahh the wonders of blogging. haha Anyways, I totally agree with you on the experience. The energy of the stadium was amazing and the Dalai Lama was amazing-just so content, full of compassion, and funny!

  • Anonymous