Big Week & Only Wednesday: Teaching at Fenway Park, Seeing a Marathon Hero, & Launching Runner’s World Video

Wow. This week has been packed with excitement and firsts, and it’s only Wednesday.  On Monday night, I taught the first ever yoga class at Fenway Park to benefit the Red Sox Foundation, and it was magical.  I’m working on a post for you now, including lots of photos, but if you want a preview, be sure to check out the OG Facebook page or Instagram.

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While that life moment was still sinking in yesterday, I awoke bright and early to attend a breakfast for the American Red Cross.  (My boyfriend coaches its Boston Marathon team).  The Massachusetts chapter has had a hard year but risen to the challenges in every way, CEO Jarrett Barrios told us in his remarks to the roughly 600 attendees.  In short order, the organization has been at the ready, well trained, implicitly trusted, and filled with compassion, for local disasters including but not limited to Hurricane Sandy, Blizzard Nemo, the Boston Marathon bombings, and recent Somerville arson attacks in which many residents lost everything.  It was surreal and humbling to stand on home plate teaching yoga at Fenway, a beloved landmark of this city, the night before and, mere hours later, recognizing the invaluable work of Red Cross trained volunteers such as Carlos Arrendondo, whom you may not know by name, but you most certainly know his cowboy hat.  He, too, has become a beloved symbol of Boston.  The image of him helping to save Jeff Bauman at the marathon finish line on April 15th is one of the most indelible of the day.  Being in the same room was, again, humbling to say the least.

Carlos Arrendoro, trained by the Red Cross in Costa Rica, helped save the life of Jeff Bauman.

Carlos Arrendondo, trained by the Red Cross in Costa Rica, helped save the life of Jeff Bauman.

I already felt a little bit like my heart was going to burst by the time I left the event.  Then, I learned that the yoga video I created with Runner’s World had launched on the preeminent running resource’s homepage.  I hustled home to see it and settle into working on the book for the day.  I didn’t get up from my desk for good until after 8 PM; there was too much to do, too much gratitude to be felt.  All the inspiration of all the people I’d shared space and time with in the past 24-hours was more energizing than the caffeine in my most potent black tea.  Needless to say, I am thrilled people are enjoying the video.  This morning, runners raved on social media about their runs in the crisp fall air followed by yoga at home using the free, 25-minute online class.  A young reporter friend at the magazine instagrammed her and her roommate gamely waiting on their kitchen floor in front of a laptop to begin their yoga session.

I want to share that video with you here, but I also just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting what I do.  It’s an honor to write, teach yoga, run, live, and work in the city of Boston, my home.  Or, shall I say hOMmmme?  (I’m sorry, you guys; I can’t help it).

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