Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas a Yogi; Lebron James, Not.

What a week for om athletes!

First, you met Olympic swimmer Kim Vandenberg in Marseille, France.  Stunning, isn’t she?

Then, the world watched as Lebron James failed to win the championship that he and the Miami Heat promised to deliver before the season began.  (No, really, they had a celebration, complete with flashy lights and pyrotechnics, in which King James declared they would clinch “not 1, not 2, not 3 . . . not 7″ championships.  (The implication being they would win 8).  Yet, when it really mattered (I believe this is called: in reality), the Heat fizzled.  James further  incited his critics with comments after the loss that could only be classified as, well, classless.

In yogic terms, James offers an example of the importance of keeping greedy tendencies in check (the Yoga Sutras call this practice aparigraha).  He’s not the only one of course, and far be it for me to claim that his behavior doesn’t make him a yogi (catchy header though, isn’t it?). However, you might be interested to know that my inside sources with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team James snubbed in favor of the Heat in great fanfare this summer, tell me one fascinating and, as yet, unpublished fact, thereby making it an OG exclusive:

When Lebron packed up and moved to Miami, he didn’t take his yoga mat with him.

This surprises no one.

Finally, there’s Tim Thomas, goalie for the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins.  He’s does yoga, too.  His teacher describes him as humble.  Ditto his teammates.  Plus, he has good alignment, so I thought I’d share.

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  • Jeneen

    No surprises there, you’re right! TT is just wonderful in so many ways!

  • Alli

    I love this!

  • JP

    Gotta get TT to do his own video and line of (black and gold) yoga “gear” (guys always prefer “gear”) for men (and women…). Seriously. The time is now you could get him going on this. $$$$!! Or maybe it’s already in the works…..

  • Carolyn

    I want to be friends with Tim Thomas. I loved this video! Thanks for sharing :)

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