Friday I’m in Love: The Celtics

OK, I know. You probably saw this one coming a mile away, as far away as Ray Allen’s late-game three-pointer, shot from what seemed like the parking lot last night (especially if you read my tweets from the Gah-den on Tuesday night). Yet, I can’t resist. I grew up cheering for Green- complete with life-size Kevin McHale poster on my bedroom wall so that I could measure my own lanky height as a kid next to his- which makes it doubly exciting to watch them once again as the team to beat. Unfortunately, the Celtics didn’t win last night, but did you see them? They were playing out of their shoes! Ray Allen had more than 50 points! (And, yes, he was wearing compression sleeves, just like the ones I wore during the marathon).

Plus, love requires resisting the urge to keep score- and it certainly doesn’t wane or falter before a Game 7 situation.
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