I Survived 21-Miles

Despite the fact that I called Om Bro last night and told him I planned to prepare my obituary for him, in the event that I didn’t make it back from Hopkinton this morning (I like to plan ahead), I’m still alive and kicking. Scratch that; “kicking” is probably an overstatement. I do, however, feel good. In moments, euphoric. I ran farther than I ever have in my life today. I tested myself. I supported others, and I leaned on them too. I discovered that salt is my secret weapon (followed closely by Kanye West), and the only thing better than getting stronger is actually realizing that you are stronger than you previously thought possible. To be candid, as recently as two weeks ago, I still thought, “Oh, hell no, I can’t do this.” Thankfully, I was wrong.

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  • Adriana Eder

    Congrats! That’s quite an achievement. Take good care of yourself and keep sportin’ the rockin’ hats!

  • sarah

    Great news indeed! I actually saw you at the top of Heartbreak Hill chatting with others runners after your run as I was driving home. Love the hot pink running tights!

  • Anonymous

    We can do far more then me give our selves credit for. The first day I arrived at bootcamp, they told me everything I was going to do. I said to myself, no way. By the end, they had every sorry sap doing what they had said on the first day. Good stuff RRP.

  • meghantelpnerblog.com

    How Rebecca! I have always kind of envied people who have that urge to put on their shoes- rain or shine and just run. I am not a runner. I can ride my bicycle for days on end (even did it from Toronto to Montreal)… but running. Nope. I have always conceded it was my five foot tallness that kept me from running- but seeing your vid… I think all along it may have been the fear of having edamame on my knees. :) Inspiring!

  • Lynn Higgin

    Very very inspiring! Thank you for sharing your achievement. I think I can pull myself off the couch now and get myself moving ;-)

  • Chelsea Gwynne

    Go get ‘em girl! This is so great! Can’t wait to see more.

  • Martini

    Whoo hoo! You go girl!