Kick It With Eco-Cool Shoes

Let your friends teeter around in sky-high stilettos while you positively prance in eco-chic kicks by Terra Plana. Made from reusable materials such as seatbelts and car tires (sort of like last night’s episode of Project Runway, wherein contestants created high-fashion designs out of materials found in a Saturn vehicle), this footwear line won’t hurt your feet or the environment. The Escape model (above) topped Om Gal’s birthday list this year, and you can be certain I’ll be rocking these “sneakers with soul” well into the fall and winter. They kind of scream “I’m a killer snowboarder, dude,” don’t they?

Maybe not in my case, but one can dream, right?

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  • Foxy

    I love these

  • Maribel

    Thanks for linking..! Eco-friendly shoes are my most favorite.