Om Gal vs. Heartbreak

While I toil away on a more comprehensive post about spending Saturday in the presence of the Dalai Lama, I thought you might get a chuckle at my expense from the following video clip. Remember how I posted a few, fun Marathon Monday shots (mostly before the race when I was lucid and showered) and told you that the grisly race photos would follow?

I’ve surpassed photos with a video, shot by my brother at mile 21 of the Boston Marathon (right in Boston College territory- you can see Mary Ann’s in the background at one point) and outdone grisly with post-Heartbreak Hill, delusional, and downright scary-looking. Someone cracked about whether I’d blog during the race, and I certainly wasn’t planning on it, but after my showdown with the Newton hills (they won, by the way), I would’ve done anything to distract myself from the sheer agony I was feeling.

So when Reece produced a video camera as he jumped into the fray to run the last 4 miles with me, I didn’t object. Instead, I took it as an opportunity to send readers of a little message.

Thanks to Reece for his handy camera-work on the go. He also had a knack for getting all the nice B.C. gals to cheer for me (once they realized he was a supporter as opposed to a really relaxed, not very sweaty runner, who looked as if he’d just had two mimosas and jumped in at Cleveland Circle). Oh wait, he DID just have two mimosas and jump in at Cleveland Circle.

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  • Anonymous


    Were they giving out shots at the 5mile marks? It sounded like you were sluring your words….nice job, I would have been smashing cameras at that point.

  • Om Gal

    I warned you that delirium had set in by that point! Ha!

  • Maryellen

    You are amazing! Just as hilarious as you had described!! I am still so impressed by your dedication and commitment:)