Road Trip to Runner’s World & VIA Marathon (PHOTOS!)

It’s absurdly cliche to ask, but is time accelerating?  The older I get, the more I think so.  Take this week, for example.  One moment, I lost my car.  That was Monday.  I blinked.  Boom.  Now, it’s Friday.

I didn’t even get a chance to tell you about last weekend, which was fun, and I think you’ll be pumped to hear what’s cooking as a result.  I drove to Pennsylvania for a day of shooting yoga videos for Runner’s World magazine on Saturday (which means you’ll have some abbreviated and athlete-friendly online classes from me at your fingertips soon), then cheered boyfriend, speed demon, and stolen vehicle conspiracy theorist, Dan, in the VIA Marathon on Sunday. Maybe your car is right where you left it, Rebecca?  

The synergy of working with Runner’s World the day before the race was unplanned and ideal, as fortuitous partnerships and projects go.  We’d been chatting about the project since the spring, and it couldn’t have come together better in the end. I had a ball on the shoot, merging together my love of yoga, running, and creative content making.  Part of me will always be 5 years-old holding up a macaroni necklace saying, “Look, I made this for you.”  (I really hope you like the videos when they come out).

The next day, I watched Dan run his first marathon.  He finished in 2 hours and 47 minutes, placed 11th, and qualified for the Boston Marathon by 23-minutes.  To be fair, this is NOT a normal debut.  It’s pretty spectacular by any standard.  Yet, it wasn’t a surprising or unrealistic outcome given his running ability and training.  Nevertheless, it’s official now, and it was exhilarating to watch.


Here are more photos from the trip (like colorful macaroni necklaces on the Interwebs!). 


Aaaaand, we’re off!

Handstand in PA

One has not fully arrived in a city until one has done yoga there… in crazy pants… in an alley.


On set at Rodale, which publishes Runner’s World.

It's highly possible I'll be in trouble for sharing this one of Mike and Kevin, of the production crew, unable to contain their yoga inspiration after the shoot.

It’s possible I’ll be in trouble for sharing this one of audio man Mike and editor Kevin, unable to contain their newfound yoga inspiration after the shoot.


For a change, I asked the production crew to get in FRONT of the camera.


Fortuitous indeed! A “run in” along the course with my Runner’s World pal Kathleen, who was readying for a relay leg of the marathon.


Our spectating caravan, led by RW staffer Megan (middle), moves from mile 13 to mile 22 with 3 adults in the front and 2 car seats with kids in the back. To which 7 year-old Sarah declared, “This is kind of awkward!”

Stressed spectator

Spectating can be a little stressful, like this moment around mile 22. Without any athlete tracking (many races send updates via text message), we had no way of knowing if runners were on pace or if we’d missed them altogether.

There he is!

There he is!

Finish line

The finish line… No words really.

The End.

The view before heading home.

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  • craftycarole

    just did your video… thank you, thank you , thank you!!!! Come back and visit us in Bethlehem soon.