So, This is Rad: Skateistan

I’ll state it plainly: this rocks. It’s a short and inspiring video, sent to me by my brother, Reece, about a skateboarding school in Afghanistan, where 40% of its students are girls.

You might imagine I love it because it combines things dear to my heart: education, sports, and supporting young gals. What you didn’t know is that I’m a rad skateboarder who loves to grind down the railings of the Boston Public Library. OK, that’s a lie. I’m actually a frequent hazard to myself with two feet firmly planted on the ground, nevermind riding four wheels and a fiberglass deck of certain death or, at the very least, a sprained ankle.

But that’s me. I enjoy wearing skateboarding inspired sneakers, but I belong on the ground.

These girls, however, are ready to ride the half-pipe, cruise, and soar, and thankfully, they have a place to do it. Respect, Skateistan.

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  • Jenn

    Wonderful! Thank you for sharing. Overwhelmed me with JOY! :)