Teaching Yoga at Fenway Park: That Happened.

Two weeks have passed since I taught the first-ever yoga class at Fenway Park, and I still have to remind myself: That Happened. There’s a glow about people who were there when I see them now in yoga, like the look you share with someone when you’re both keeping an amazing secret.

And I can’t help but wonder, as the Red Sox keep picking up momentum at precisely the right time of the season–the playoffs– if we might have been a secret weapon of good karma, having left our positive energy on the field and sent our intentions into the chilly fall air when all was quiet and still in the iconic park. Baseball players can be a superstitious lot, and something tells me the Sox might agree that stranger things have happened. We even did a yogi version of The Wave. I could tell you, but, then, well, you know…

Either way, it was an unforgettable night, for an important cause, in what is home to a very special team this year. I was beyond honored to teach, like a homerun hit beyond the Green Monster by Papi. That much. Thank you to all who came, supported, and shared in the event excitement here and on social media. Thank you to the Red Sox for lending us your field. We took good care of it. Promise.

Field of Dreams, you could say.

Arriving at Fenway Park, which rolled out quite a sun streaked welcome.

Arriving at Fenway.

Standing before the league standings, with the Red Sox in 1st, as I ready to teach Fenway’s first-ever yoga class.

Put your money where your mat is: The Red Sox Foundation, the reason were there & biggest MLB charitable organization.

The reason we were there and biggest MLB charitable organization. I bow to the people who work there, planned this event, and make the community better by helping Boston kids in school and at play.

I remind myself all the time: you can meditate anywhere.

Meditating in a locker. Obviously.

Dancer at Fenway

Making sure the mats work in this yoga studio. Yup… All good!


With two of the night’s all-star assistants. Larisa Forman (left) & Ali White (right), who lit up home plate with their yoga practices by demonstrating poses as I taught. Thank you, New Balance, for the great gear and kicks from the Anue collection.

Getting my head in the game.

Getting my head in the game.

Stepping up.

Stepping up.


Downward dog at Fenway Park: NBD.

Looks like I'm practicing my umpire skills: SAFE!

Looks like I’m practicing my umpire skills: SAFE!



I will not soon forget the energy of this night.

Chilly but magical.

Beloved ballpark

Some members of our beloved team of assistants (all teachers at Equinox), which included Larisa Forman, Niav Connor, Ali White, Julie Starr-Wood, & Ian Lemieux, in America’s Most Beloved Ballpark.

Fenway post sivasana

Good night, Fenway, and GOOD LUCK Red Sox!

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  • http://www.jillianpereira.blogspot.com/ Jillian Pereira

    Thank you so much for teaching — it was so much fun. I don’t know if I’ve ever practiced with such a huge smile on my face through an entire class. What a special memory.

    If you’re interested, I blogged about it here: http://jillianpereira.blogspot.com/2013/09/fenwayoga.html

  • Debi McCarthy

    You just amaze me Rebecca! Love you! XOXO, Debi M

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