Things That Are Green

For today’s semi-regular installment of Friday, I’m in Love, I thought I’d give big ups to things that are green, such as:

Basil: Tis the season for fresh herbs. In particular, it’s a great time for basil to come out and play. While walking by a farmer’s market in Copley Square last week, I was mesmerized by one purveyor’s basil plants. It was love at first sniff, really. I bought one, took him home, and now we are living together quite happily. I call him Basil (pronounced BAZ-el). You may too.

Jade is the New Black: In addition to being the season of fresh basil, it’s also the season of fierce nail polish, specifically- you guessed it- in GREEN. This color by OPI (shown above, along with a mini bouquet of basil) is called Jade is the New Black. I was wearing it this spring on occasion and rekindled the love affair this week in honor of . . .
The Celtics! From a purely team color standpoint, how could you root for the Lakers? Purple and gold? Together? Blecht. Not to mention all those pseudo fans in the Staples Center who don’t actually watch the game but instead wear sunglasses indoors and feign nonchalance when the camera is on them. However, this post is supposed to be about LOVE, so enough about the Lakers. Crazy love to the Celtics.
The Heart Chakra: The heart chakra, coincidentally, is all about love, and I thought you might be interested to know that the color associated with the fourth chakra (located in the center of the chest) is . . . wait for it . . . GREEN. One of my favorite mudras to stimulate the heart chakra is Padma Mudra. Try it!
Have some love to send out, today, to things that are green, either in color or eco-consciousness? Post a comment, here. Let’s hear your picks!
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  • Frenzy36

    Nice touch with the nail polish, that's covering all the bases :)

  • Om Gal

    Why, thank you.