What Will You Do BIG Today?

My apologies for letting it get quiet around here after announcing that I’ll be teaching at Fenway Park. I momentarily peaked, and now I have to figure out how to stay relevant. (Kidding– hopefully).

So, I’ve decided to keep it in the family with today’s post—the Red Sox family that is—by sharing a quick story about my friend Tara, the team’s nutritionist. Despite the fact that I love her madly and she’s capable of just about anything, including telling players like Big Papi what to do without him losing his temper like he did on that poor dugout phone over the weekend (video below), she did not have anything to do with me being asked to teach at the ballpark. She’s more eat field greens than organize yoga charity events on the field by the Green Monster.

Over the weekend, Tara spent time with her two nephews, Trent and Bryce, ages 8 and 5, respectively, who came to visit. Let’s pause here: how cool would it be if you were an 8 or 5 year-old boy, and Tara was your aunt, taking you to her office, which happens to be, um, Fenway Park? I don’t think you could get much cooler, unless Harry Potter was your next-door neighbor.

Presumably after a magical day at Fenway, Aunt Tara takes the boys to a local track to play. They run around, marvel at the astroturf in the middle and the lights, the sandy long jump pit, and the bleachers for all the people who can cheer for you.  They do a lap, after which the little one says of his older brother:

Trent was running big.

This made me smile so hard my face got stuck that way when Tara told me, and I used the inspiration to teach my Monday morning yoga class. I offered the intention of doing BIG yoga, as in making our hearts bigger. We don’t need to do fancy yoga, I clarified, as much as we need to show up and be present in a big way, as often as we can on and off the mat. The room was packed with people who don’t know Tara or her nephews, but they all puffed up a bit at the thought of one little boy chasing his big brother around a track. They all knew the feeling of wanting to run big. They smiled and stood taller.

There are so many opportunities to be big every day, in every moment really: to run big, make your heart bigger, of help someone else step up and chase down their dream or heal after a time when life makes us feel small. It’s hard to keep track of all the moments, but I thought you’d enjoy this one.

What will you do BIG?

Photo: Tara Mardigan, The Plate Coach

Photo: Tara Mardigan, The Plate Coach

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