What Would You Do with an Extra 5 Years?

In a buzzworthy video released recently, Nike and DesignedtoMove.org asks young children what they would do with five extra years to live.  Why?  Because, for the first time in history, this generation of kids is expected to die sooner than its parents–five years sooner, due to lack of activity.  The result is a powerful message that something needs to change–in our families, communities, and education systems– to give back the five years our kids might miss if we continue to create a culture of too much TV, Angry Birds, and Facebook, and too few safe playgrounds and funded gym classes, among other things.

Makes you want to play catch with a kid, doesn’t it?  Makes you want to turn off a TV.  Makes you want to run a race in support of a program like Fit Girls or donate sports equipment to foundations like Play Ball.  Makes you want to sign up a little one for swim lessons, dance lessons, or soccer as your next Christmas gift rather than buy the latest high-tech, habit-forming toy or video game.  Makes you want to do something meaningful, with your next five years (even if small and simple), so that our future bright minds and big thinkers can do things like make medicine for the sick, go looking for dark matter, invent a time machine, or, heck, be the boss of all the chipmunks.

It doesn’t matter what they want to do or what our world will need them to do, if they don’t have the healthy habits to get there. Think about it, and get moving.

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