Yoga for Runners and Heaven & Hell Run/Yoga Night in Time for the Boston Marathon

To most people, late March signifies the season of NCAA basketball madness, blossoming trees, and optimistically storing a heavy winter coat till next year.  But to a select group of runners, it represents a different sort of madness, especially in Boston: the season of marathon madness.

With the Boston Marathon fast approaching on April 16, many training programs logged their longest runs over the weekend (between 20 and 22-miles), which means there are some legs out there in need of yoga today.  The video, above, is a perfect way to stretch out before or after a run of any distance.  You can even use a foam roller if you like.

For runners who are not signed up to haul tail over Heartbreak Hill, the final days of March and early days of April signal a fresh start to running season, with their added daylight hours, warmth, and motivation–perhaps to get in shape for summer, finish a 5 or 10K, or spend time outdoors.  It can be a funny moment for runners who have been trucking along all winter to look up around this time of year and realize they have company.

Speaking of running with company, tomorrow night marks my second Heaven & Hell Run/Yoga event, featuring a light track workout with running coach and pal Dan Fitzgerald and yoga class taught by me, for runners and yogis of all levels.  It’s the perfect way to shake out tired legs from marathon training and get them feeling speedy for race day or kickstart your new running and fitness goals for spring.  Join us!


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