Fashion Friday: New OG Feature!

I’m starting a new thing.  Perhaps it will become a regular thing.  We’ll see.  Heretofore, I’ll do a feature called Fashion Friday (#OGFashionFriday for those of you on Twitter and Instagram who want to join the fun by posting your favorite looks), in which I’ll highlight something I’m wearing or want to wear on the yoga mat or off.  I know what you must be thinking: This should be good… from the gal who once paired an Indian ball skirt with a fricking puffy coat and a sweater that, when discovered in the store, evoked the exclamation, “OMG, it’s so UGLY!  It’s just my style.”

I had this skill made in India in 2000. I didn't wear it until this photos shoot with Beyond Boston Chic in 2010.

I had this ball skirt made in India in 2000. I didn’t wear it until this photo shoot with Beyond Boston Chic in 2011; the look was also featured in New York Magazine’s Cut Blog. Yes, it takes 11 years and actual thought to dress this weird.

For these fashion indiscretions, I’m sorry.  Not really.  So, here we go, Fashion Friday!  Please proceed at your own forewarned and fabulous peril.

Right now, I’m in love with grey.  If you didn’t know better, you might think I was vibing off the weather, which has been rainy and overcast in Boston lately, but I’ve always loved grey.  Big time.  It’s like a crush I can’t shake.  It’s like how I feel about @Dan_SEAC (you complete me!).  OK, that’s a bit much.  He’s gonna start giving Grey the staredown if they see each other around town.

2 new items I’m swooning over hard are two grey shirts.  One I wear on the mat, the Harper tank by Montiel, a brand that sent the outfit, below, as a gift.  It’s rare that I accept gifts because I REFUSE to emptily promote things I don’t love.  If I accept and don’t love, it gets awkward.  I’ve learned it’s best to graciously decline.  Also, I hate closet clutter.  ”Athleisure” is a huge trend in fashion right now, and, frankly, there’s little excitement for me there.  I live in athleisure, so it takes a lot to get me excited about yoga clothes anymore.  But I was honestly excited to wear this outfit.  Pumped, in fact.

Harper tank, bra top, and pants by Montiel.

Harper tank, bra top, and pants by Montiel.

photo (14)

The other grey shirt, I wear off the mat.

I know what you're thinking: this is a vintage T-shirt. But it's also a statement piece on par with leather pants--if you are not someone who wears leather pants.

I scoped this vintage T-shirt all summer– the way most fashionistas watch for designer heels to go on sale.

At first glance, it’s a vintage track & field T-shirt that I scored at the South End menswear boutique Sault, but upon further examination, it is a magical fashion staple.  I’m dead serious about this.  I wear it with a liberal amount of gold accessories, skinny jeans cuffed just so, and sandals or sneakers (or no makeup and a statue in Back Bay station as shown above).  If I had a ball skirt, I’d pair it with that.  Waaaait a second…

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  • Victoria Klein

    I’m a little late to the party, but I totally dig this new feature!! :D

  • qeby21

    Thanks for sharing.ルイヴィトン靴

  • Jenni Marie

    I just found your site. :) I love this fashion friday idea. How do you usually find your clothes?