Hanging Out in Lululemon

The Lululemon store in Boston’s Prudential Center recently did some redecorating, revealing posters that feature its latest selection of ambassadors, including yours truly. Here I am hamming it up with my photo upon seeing it for the first time this week. The ambassador shot shows me in a variation of ardha chandrasana on Commonwealth Avenue and was photographed by my friend, long-time fellow yogi, and standout New York based photographer Jonathan Pozniak. It was the hottest day of the year (a sweltering afternoon in mid August) but a fun and creative experience– especially the part when I had to use my creativity to find ways of changing my wardrobe in public without getting arrested. (Some of the behind the scenes moments).

If you want to hang out with me (just a little poster humor there), come take a free class next Sunday at the Boston store. It’s an abbreviated version of my specialty Yoga for Runners workshop in honor of next week’s Boston Marathon. For runners, yogis, and runner/yogis, it will be a fun, free, inspiring way to spend Sunday morning. Plus, we’ll send our positive intentions to all the runners readying for Boston’s storied 26.2 mile race the following day.
If you miss next week’s class, you can still swing by the store to point and laugh at my poster; it will be up for the coming year.
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  • Y is for Yogini

    What a great shot and a goooorgeous pose! Well done! :)