Love Me; Bangle Me

Remember the first days after Christmas when you were a kid?  Before you were old enough to lament over a credit card statement or stress about New Year’s plans?  You didn’t worry about returning gifts or stowing ornaments till next year in an organized fashion.  You did something else.

Do you remember what it was?

You played You imagined new worlds of battleships, dinosaurs, and mini kitchens and dressed dolls for exquisite parties.  You were careful with your new, shiny toys, pledging that you would keep them this way forever.  You would not lose this pair of Barbie’s shoes.  You would not leave this truck out in the rain.  You invited your friends over to see these toys that Santa bestowed; together, you played some more.  (I’m not sure if children still do this; I think there’s an app for it, now).

And, despite the fact that I am technically a grown up, I wanted to share my new, favorite, shiny toys with you. This year, it seems people who know me know that the most direct route to my heart involves a bangle bracelet.  I love my new additions including a Buddha charm by Alex & Ani from Om Gal Book Club coordinator Julie, purple and gold thread from Pure Yoga teacher training student Chris, set of gold bangles from Om Bro Reece Pacheco purchased at a Brooklyn hipster art fair, and neon 80s bangle from Forever 21 (purchased by me, for me, because I am an occasionally selfish holiday shopper).  I plan to keep them shiny and perfect forever . . . Tell me about your new toys, kids!   

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  • Yoga G33k

    What a pretty collection you have! I think my favorite is the purple and gold one!

  • Julie

    Last year, my friends and I threw a belated Christmas Eve for a friend of a friend who had to travel for work during the holiday. As a complete shock and a way to say thank you, he bought me ice skates! I’m not good (which is a common misperception when you own your own pair), but I love going the the Frog Pond and acting silly on the ice. I have never been so excited to open a physical present. And by the way, the number of adult friends willing to go ice skating with you is pretty slim, so if anyone wants to go…

  • caroline b.

    I want to know how your intention bracelets look so pretty and delightful? Mine looks like I’ve been wearing it since summer camp in 1992. :(

    • omgal

      Call it “summer camp chic,” and rock it!