Om Gal Gear: My Multi-Tasking Skirt-Scarf Thingy

Multi-tasking can be good, like meditating while the water boils for a pot of tea, reading on the elliptical machine at the gym, or emptying the dishwasher during a commercial break.  However, it can also be a terrible idea.  Texting while driving, answering your cell phone during yoga, or using your yoga class as a bendier, sweatier version of

When it comes to clothing, I’m a believer that multi-tasking is great.  For instance, while studying abroad in college, I bought a piece of fabric in Kenya.  First, I hung it on the wall in my dorm room, then I wore it as a sarong.  Next, it became a tablecloth, and, finally, a scarf.  Snicker all you like about a gal who wants to wear a tablecloth around town, but I call it being “resourceful.”  (Shhhh, if you’re quiet you can almost hear the exasperated sigh of Om Mama).

Fast forward a couplea few, 10 years, and I am still pulling off (and putting on) the same creative dressing antics.  My latest inspiration is a skirt-scarf-thingy that I bought at lululemon a couple weeks ago.  Ever since, I’ve been incorporating it into my wardrobe on and off the mat.

It was an added layer of warmth, as a skirt, while climbing Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire.
Then, it came in handy as a disguise when I had to run from authorities.  Kidding . . . It was a useful hood to block the wind at the top of the mountain.
Naturally, it makes a nice scarf.
It also works as a vest, which Om Gal intern Megan thought was pretty nifty.  (She took this photo).
For those who get chilly in sivasana (body temperature tends to drop during meditation), it’s a cozy, light blanket.
Or a meditation shawl.
What do you think, OGs [om guys and gals]?  Which function is your favorite?  When is multi-tasking good?  When is bad, very bad?
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