Style Saturday: I Heart Hats

A few years ago, after working late at a magazine in Boston, I hovered in the doorway of my boss’s office to say good night.  Unfortunately, I scared the crap out of her.

“Jesus Christ!” she gasped.  ”You look like broccoli.”

She had a point.  I was wearing this hat.

It’s come to my attention, recently, that I have a thing for hats.  Along with broccoli hats, I am fond of:

Boyish hats . . .

Bohemian hats . . .

The flower is real, a gardenia from Om Mama.
Championship hats . . .

I went home and cried after this photo was taken.  It was my first official night of Boston Marathon training: 9 miles, up Heartbreak Hill to Kenmore Square, in sub-zero temperatures, and I knew it was only going to get worse.  My hair was partially frozen beneath my 2004 Sox hat.

En route to the gym.

While not wearing a Patriots hat, per say (of course I need to represent all 3 of my teams), this photo was taken at Gillette Stadium with my marathon training partner, Cara, in October 2009.  Yes, really . . . October, and yes, that’s snow.

Fedora hats . . .
On Vinita (left), Livity.  Me: Billabong.

And, the newest addition: Ear-flappy hats . . .

Purchased at the first Ibex store, Newbury Street, Boston.

I’m not sure why I dig hats so much.  It might be an unhealthy obsession, or a creative form of self-expression.  (Thoughts, om guys and gals?)  For now, I’ll chalk it up to a harmless vice to protect me from the elements this fall and winter.  Hats off to October & happy weekend, all!

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  • jbvoss


    Kinda new reader to the blog, but had to comment as I too love hats :)

    Not everyone can pull them off but they are a great accessory and depending on which one I am wearing when, gives me attitude, solace, joy, confidence or peace. You just can't go wrong with them.

    Keep up the good writing. Love it!

  • Kate@andwhenshesays

    Girl, you OWN those hats!

    And that's always the important thing – you've really got to own a hat to make it work. I used to be a little hesitant about them, but my attitude has changed and I've since become addicted. Running out of places to put them, honestly…

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